Our next exam date is Saturday, June 2, 2018 - 8:00 AM

If you are a security officer, or you work in the security field, or you aspire to a promising new career in the security field in Pennsylvania, you should check out the Pennsylvania Lethal Weapons Training Program.

Find out about this armed security officer training program, and about the first steps you need to take to enter this exciting career expanding program.

In Pennsylvania, you cannot use your personal license to carry firearms for any employment that requires you to carry a firearm. The PA license to carry firearms is for self-defense only. For any type of armed employment, you have to be Act 235 certified through the Pennsylvania lethal weapons program.

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Dr. Bruce Eimer is the President of Act 235 Testing Services, a Pennsylvania licensed psychologist, and a Pennsylvania State Police MPOETC Certified and NRA Certified law enforcement firearms instructor. He is also a Pennsylvania Act 235 certified agent. He has been working with security and law enforcement professionals for over 30 years.


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